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A Church Dismantled--A Kingdom Restored

Conrad L. Kanagy

Welcome friends! In May of 2020 an email to our congregation where my wife Heidi and I have served in ministry for fifteen years. My email was entitled “Why the church cannot be reopened." This began a series of blog-like postings that immediately attracted an audience on Facebook. As a result, I decided to try a podcast. One of the questions that I began to raise during that time was: “Is God's Spirit dismantling the church because we have so failed God's mission?” Prophetic or not, the idea I posited fifteen years ago of a dismantled church has only gained traction since I first posed it. The response to the podcast has been quite unexpected, now with more than 45,000 episodes downloaded in 81 countries and more than 1,500 cities. The podcast seems to particularly resonate with those on the run from the church and feel alienated or marginalized by the church. The podcast has allowed me to draw upon nearly three decades of teaching sociology, thirty-five years of sociological research, fifteen years of church and denominational consulting, twenty years of ministry, my childhood and coming of age in a conservative Mennonite/Amish community, and my diagnosis three years ago of Parkinson’s Disease. The podcast has expanded to include a private Facebook Page with nearly 1000 members where we dig deeper into the themes of the podcast, a twice a week interview with guests, usually members of that group, who help us reflect in diverse ways upon the questions of the podcast, a You Tube channel under my name, and a website at www.achurchdismantled.com where you can find out more and subscribe to the blog which is usually release about the same time as the podcast. And I am delighted to announce that the first book in the series “A Church Dismantled—A Kingdom Restored” will be released later this summer both in paper and as an ebook. And so, thank you friend for joining me for this podcast where we are always asking the question “just what might God be up to in the church, the world, your life and my life?”

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